Part A: Guide to Russia
Map of Russia

Russia (officially known as the Russian Federation) is the biggest country in the world (170,758,400km2) located in the north of Eurasia and East Europe. It has a long cold winter. It is surrounded by countries like China, Ukraine, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan. The population is around 141,927,297. Their official language is Russian throughout the country and there are 27 others in various regions. Russian race is 79.8% of Russians, 3.8% of Tatars, 2% of Ukrainians, 1.2% of Bashkir, 1.1% of Chuvash and 12.1% of others.

Part B: Guide to Moscow
A matryoshka doll(Russian nested doll or a babushka doll) is a set of dolls of decreasing sizes placed one inside the other
Map of Moscow

Moscow is the major city of Russia economically, culturally, religiously, financially and politically. It boasts the most billionaires, because it is one of the most priciest city in the world. There is the Moscow river flowing through the city. The currency of Russian money is 1 Canadian dollar for about 29 Rubles (20~30 Rubles worth a bag of chips). Things there is cheaper than Canada, so no need for trying hard to spend less. Their culture is stickler for formality, because of the days of Soviet rules and regulation and they are very superstitious. Food in Moscow’s typical breakfast includes foods such as pancakes, porridge, bread and cottage cheese fritter. Their traditional cuisine tends to be meaty and heavy and it is incomplete without soup. They eat different kinds of salad such as fish salad and chicken salad. They usually have desserts that are seriously sweet. Ice cream there is very good, so it is worthy of trying. Standard for tipping is 10% at any restaurants. Words said by Vladirmir of kyiv who is the father of the Russian state ‘Drinking is the joy of the Rus. We cannot live without it’ influenced Russian’s drinking culture. Vodka is definitely the Russian classic drink but beer is more popular than vodka among Russians these days. You are expected to obey the drinking etiquette of Russia. They are “Do not snacking between shots of vodka”, “Do not mix your vodka with another drink” and “Do not place an empty bottle on the table – it must be on the floor”.

Travelling tip:

- be aware of pick pockets
- know the address of the embassy of Canada
- know some basic Russian expression
- DO NOT shop at Tret’yakovsky street, it is way more expensive than other stores

Part C
A nice view of Moscow River and Kremlin at night

Flight Info. LOT Airline (Polish), First Class

June 21, 18:30
June 22, 9:10
June 22, 16:00
June 22, 20:05
June 30, 9:55
June 30, 12:50
June 30, 13:20
June 30, 18:15
Toronto(Pearson Airport)
Moscow(Sheremetyevo Airport)
Cost: $4300 x 2 = $8600.00

Moscow Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel
Russia, 103031, Москва
Petrovka ulitsa, 11/208

(495) 723-52-46
Moscow Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel, one of the most luxury hotel in Moscow

Cost: $532/night

8 nights = $4256.00
(because you have 7 FULL days to travel )

Car rental
Pick-up June 22, 21:00
Drop-off June 30, 9:00
Cost: $623/day x 7 = $4361.00

Money available to spend :

$25000 – (Flight + Hotel + Car) = $7783 ( 225,250.61 Rubles )


Day 0 (June 22, Thursday)
Arrive to Moscow
Pick up the rental car
Hotel check in and rest
Red Square, a large open square in the centre of Moscow and the official residence of the President of Russia

Day 1(June 23, Friday)
Breakfast at the hotel
Go to ‘Red Square’, a large open square in the centre of Moscow
Lunch at a restaurant
Go to ‘Park of Arts Museon’ and see Russian art sculptures in open air
Dinner at a restaurant
Free time
Back to the hotel and sleep

Day 2 (June 24, Saturday)
Breakfast at the hotel
Go to ‘The Poklonnaya Mountain’
Lunch at a restaurant
Go to the street called ‘Arbat’ and check out the squares surrounding it
Dinner at a restaurant
Back to the hotel and sleep

Day 3(June 25, Sunday)
Breakfast at ‘Loft Café’ enjoying the view of Lubyanka square
Go to ‘Kuskovo estate’
Lunch at a restaurant
Go to ‘Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts’
Dinner at a restaurant
Go to ‘Music Town’, enjoy the music culture of Moscow
Back to hotel and rest

The Poklonnaya Mountain, the most significant monument constructed in honour of victory in the Great Patriotic War

Day 4(June 26, Monday)
Breakfast at the hotel
Go to ‘Neskuchny Sad’ and cycle along the Moscow river
Lunch at a restaurant
Go to ‘Bolshoi Circus On Vernadskogo’ and watch Russian circus
Dinner at a restaurant
Back to hotel and sleep

Day 5 (June 27, Tuesday)
Breakfast at ‘Courvoisier Café’
Go to ‘St. Basil Cathedral’ and enjoy Russian architecture
Lunch at a restaurant
Go to ‘Tverskoy’, busiest commercial districts in Moscow and shop
Dinner at a restaurant
Go to ‘Krizis Zhanra’, nightclub and drink
Back to hotel and sleep

Day 6 (June 28, Wednesday)
Breakfast at the hotel
Go to ‘Moscow University’
All-Russian Exhibition Centre, a permanent general-purpose trade show in Moscow

Lunch at a restaurant
Go to ‘Kubinka Aerodrom’ for Skydiving.
Go to ‘Kremlin’
Dinner at a restaurant
Back to hotel

Day 7 (June 29, Thursday)
Breakfast at hotel
All-Russian Exhibition Centre
Lunch at a restaurant
Go to ‘Beach Club’, swim and sunbath
Dinner at ‘Suliko’ and enjoy the most authentic Georgian food in Moscow
Back to Hotel, pack up and sleep

Day 8 (June 30, Friday)
Drop off the rental car
Be on the plane on time