Paris, France (Republique Francais)

Essential Guide to the Nation


France lies on the western edge of the European continent and shares borders with six neighbours: Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain. France is also within easy reach of the industrial centres of the UK and other countries lying on the North Sea. It is surrounded by the English Channel on the north while the Mediterranean Sea covers the South. France covers 551 695km2 making it the second biggest country in Europe.

Site and Situation
The site of France is relatively flat and the country was very plateau-like before streets and roads were created. However, France still has many famous mountains like the Chamonix Mont Blanc with rivers and seas like the Seine and Mediterranean flowing through the cities. France is also part of the G8 and one of the most developed countries in the world. Thus, France runs on top-of-the line sewage systems, highways, and streets to properly function.


France has a population of approximately 64 057 972 people from 2010.
24 ,448 inhabitants per square kilometre.


The official language of France is French.


The religion in France is pre-dominantly Roman Catholic estimated to be around 65.3% of the whole population, while 26% are considered atheists and 12.7% are others.


France has an oceanic climate and is affected by the North Atlantic current so receives hardly any extreme high or low temperatures. France has very consistent and reliable weather that usually has an average of 25c (77F) for high and 3-7c (37-46F) for low. There is hardly any precipitation like snow or rain during the course of the year.

Essential Guide to the City

Escargot is the heart of French cuisine and is a must try when visiting Paris


(Food and drinks)

France, and in particular Paris, has played an important role as a centre of high culture and decorative arts since the 17th century (Grand Tour). France has led Europe in the productions of modern art, cinema, fashion, and fine cuisine. Foods and drinks such as champagne, wine, escargot, filet mignon has attracted tourists from all over the world to be at the centre of fine dining. Western food that includes hamburgers, hotdogs, and pizza are widely accepted in Paris.

Paris is considered one of the world’s fashion capitals, and the city is home or headquarters of many of the premier fashion homes. Historically, many of the world’s top designers and fashion houses have been French, including Coco Chanel, Luis Vuiton, Christain Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and Lanvin. Paris also hosts one of the most famous streets in the world, "Avenue des Champs-Elysees” which is the highway of French grandeur.


France is home to some of the world’s most famous football stars including Zidanne and Henry. City teams like Lyon and Paris represent France for the UEFA football championships. France has attended every World Cup for over 50 years and recently got silver in the 2006 championships. France also hosts the most famous bike tour called the Tour de France in which hundreds of cyclists travel around regions of France.
Paris, also known as the "City of Lights" has over 6million lights flickering at night everyday.


Paris often called the “City of Lights” has always been world-renown for its beautiful scenery and romantic atmosphere. From famous clubs like the “Moulin Rouge” to all night restaurants, Paris is a 24 hour sensation.


Since 1999, France has used the international European currency, “EURO” along with 15 other countries. The standard exchange rate of the (€) is 1= $1.4109. Moreover, $1=0.788 (€). Euro bills are available in 5,10,20,50,100,200,500 so items with different price range can be easily bought.

Pickpocketing is a common occurence in Paris that has plagued its repuation. Travellers must always be aware where their money and documents are located at all times

Street crime has always plagued the reputation of the beautiful city of Paris. It has been increasing exponentially usually for Vandalism, street theft (pickpocket), mugging. There are an estimated 18 million offenses reported to the police each year. Tourists have been targeted to pick pocketing in Paris for years. Favorite places pick pockets like to steal are in subways and crowded street intersections. Police cannot help much if valuables are stolen so an individual must be careful with money and precious valuables like passport and documents.


French people especially in Paris has experienced many different kinds of tourists all over the world however, they expect the tourist to adapt to French Culture rather than them accepting the tourists culture. Paris has a great metro station that can get to all regions of the city and most tourist destinations are near each other or in walking distance. Due to the vast amount of tourists, car rentals and hotel bookings can be very costly so it is wise to book in advance. Foreign banks in Paris open usually from 9am-4:30 pm. It’s expected to give tip to food, hotel, taxis and any type of labor job.
Common phrases that can be useful in Paris are
- Thank you=“Merci Beaceoup”
- My name is_ =“J’mapelle _”
-How Are You? = C’mon Sapelle Tu?
-Where is the Washroom? = Ou est la toilette
-Where can I find a telephone? = Ou puis-je trouver un telephone.

Honeymoon Itinerary

May 7th~14th ($1278 per ticket x 2= $2556) $2556x0.788= 2014(€)
Paris is a very easy city for tourists because of all the attractions are in walking-distance to one-another

Flight information:
Flight departs Toronto Pearson International Airport Terminal 1 to Charles de Galle International Airport
Flight: Air Canada - AC 001
Departure Time: May 6th 8:20pm
Arrival Time: May 7th 9:40am
Class of Service: Business Class

Hotel Information:
May 7th -8th: Hotel Le Relais Montmarte
May 9th: Hotel at Chamonix Mont Blanc
- All inclusive packages includes price for lift, room, spa and food
May 10th-12th: Hotel Le Relais Montmarte
Hotel Le Relais Montmartre is at close vicinity to many tourist destinations and in walking distance. It is located in the Pigalle Area near the Sacre Couer Bascilla with great scenery and near many famous restaurants. The price of the hotel is not as expensive as the ones in the centre or western regions of Paris and also includes breakfasts. It is the ideal area and price for the perfect hotel.
The price of the hotel is 140(€) a day x6 days= 840(€) 840(€) x1.4109= $1183.56

Day One- May 7th
Flight arrives at 9:30 am in the morning.

The couple will take a taxi to Hotel le Relais Montmarte because the luggage will hinder them if they take the metro. 35(€) = $50
Attracting over 6 million tourists around the world, the Eiffel Tower has been the top tourist destination in Europe for over a decade

Due to the time zone difference with Toronto and Paris, the couple will be very tired from the 10 hour flight. Thus, for the first day, they will just get the feel of the city and soak up the culture by walking around the city and seeing the famous tourist attractions.

>Psycho centric Activity: The couple will walk down the street of BD Ornano to Albert 1er Crs.La Reine to get to the Eiffel Tower and enjoy a nice picnic

Lunch with pastry from a local bakery.

Dinner will be eaten at Le 58 Tour Eiffel (First floor of Eiffel Tower) that offers traditional French cuisine with great large windows that offer views of the Trocadero area of Paris. 68 (€) x2 =136 (€) 136(€) = $191.88

>Psycho Centric Activity: What better ways to soak up French culture then go to the world-renowned Moulin Rouge Night club? The couple will go to the 9pm show and relax enjoy themselves by watching the lively show. 93
(€) x2= 186(€) 186(€) x1.4109= $262.43
They will go back to their Hotel and have a good’s night sleep.

Day Two- May 8th
Enjoy complimentary breakfast at hotel and get ready to walk around Paris.

>Psycho Centric Activity: The couple will head to the Musee du Louvre by taking the metro to the Palais Royal Station. The Louvre is home for some of the greatest art pieces in the world including the Mona Lisa.

Lunch @ Café Marly which is famous for its splendid terrace and its Green bean salad with smoked salmon. 20
(€) x2= 40 (€) 40(€) x1.4109 = $56

>Psycho Centric Activity: After the splendid lunch near the Louvre, the couple will walk south tower the Seine River and head east. There, the couple will encounter the most splendid panoramic vistas and be able to see Paris’s greatest island on the Seine, the Quays of the Seine.

>Psycho Centric Activity: The couple will keep traveling across the Point Neuf (the bridge to the island which is the oldest bridge built from 1578) and get a romantic view of the whole river.

Dinner will be a standard western culture hotdog so the couple doesn’t get homesick. 2
(€) x2= 4 (€) 4(€) x 1.4109= $5.6

The Couple will go back to their hotel to sleep and get ready for the next day.

Day 3 May 9th
Enjoy complimentary breakfast at hotel

Wake up at 7am to take train to TGV trains from Paris to get to Chamonix Mont Blanc 10
(€) x2= 20(€) 20(€) = $28

>Allocentric Activity: Take the all-inclusive package to Chamonix Mont-Blanc and enjoy skiing/snowboarding the highest hills in Europe that have peaks as high as 157 771 feet high.

>Psycho Centric Activity: The psycho centric person in the couple will enjoy the hills like Le Savoy that are only 1049 m high.
Dinner will be eaten at a local restaurant in the resort that has already been paid for in the package.
The couple will sleep in the hotels at Chamonix Mont-Blanc. All inclusive package for 2 people is 430
(€) = $605.87

Day 4 May 10th
Breakfast will be a light snack like a loaf of bread eaten in the train.

The couple will depart at 8:00 am and arrive at Paris at approximately 11:30am
>Allocentric Activity: The couple with go to the western region of Paris and climb the Arc de Triomphe considered the greatest triumphal arc in the world by most.

>Allocentric Activity: The couples will then travel under the arc and view the sculptures, tomb of the Unknown Soldier from ww1 and read a list of names of generals and soldiers that fought valiantly in the war.
Lunch will be eaten at a famous Japanese restaurant near the Avenue des Champs-Elysees called Takuyara located in the Ginza Area. Famous for its sushi and tempura, a nice cultural food will be a nice blend after day’s French food.
Avenue des Champs-Elysees is one of the most decorated streets in the world that hosts top-class stores like Luis Vuiton, Gucci, and Prada

>Psycho Centric Activity: The couple will take a stroll down the Avenue des Champs-Elysees and shop in one of the most decorated streets in the world. They will shop at fashion stores like Gucci, Prada, and Luis Vuiton and buy quality clothes that cannot be bought anywhere else. This street will be the perfect place for the couple to buy each other a wedding gift to remind themselves of their honeymoon. The husband will receive a Luis Vuiton wallet and the wife will receive a Luis Vuiton purse. 1500
(€) + 800(€) = 2300(€) 2300(€) x 1.4109= $3245.07
The couple will go home and drop off their valuable items they bought and grab a quick fast-food supper because they spent so much money on their Luis Vuiton wedding gifts.

>Allocentric Activity:
The couple will go to the Pere Lachaise Cemetery where they will see where coutnless famous figures are buried including Jim Morrison. As the sun is about to set at the cemetery, the couple will climb the cemetery’s summit and look down on the ravishingly designed crypts.
The couple will go back to their hotel to sleep and rest from a full day of walking and shopping.

Day 5 May 11th
Enjoy complimentary breakfast at hotel

>Psycho Centric Activity: The couple will walk to the public square in the Latin Quarter located in the inner chamber of Left Bank and enjoy staring at a fountain from 1860 that shows Saint Michel fighting a dragon.

Lunch will be eaten at the “Allard” that is only 5 minutes walking distance from St-Michel on Left Bank Street.

>Psycho Centric Activity: From St. Michel, the couple will continue east to the “Green Lung” and cross the bridge “Pont au Double” to visit the Cathedral of Notre Dame. The couple will have a tour of the somber interior and climb the towers for a close encounter with tons of bells and gargoyles.
(€) x 2= 24(€) 24(€) x 1.4109= $33.86
Notre Dame de Paris from Seine River. The Notre Dame allows tourists to see the preserved culture of France from the 1800's

Dinner will be eaten at Au Bistort de la Montagne which is a traditional French restaurant near the Notre Dame that is famous for its red wine and steak. 40
(€) x2= 80(€) 80(€) x1.4109= $112.87

The couple will return to their hotel to have a good night sleep.

Day 6 May 12th

Enjoy complimentary breakfast at hotel.

>Psycho Centric Activity: The couple will go to the Pont de L’alma (the arch bridge in Paris crossing the Seine River) and arrive to RER train station. The price includes admission to Versailles.
(€) x 2 = 42(€) 42(€) =$59

>Psycho Centric Activity: The couples will the catch the RER line C1 from Pont de L’alma and stop at Versailles-Rive Gauche which will approximately take 35-40 minutes. The forfait package is recommended which includes the round trip train fare from Paris and a 1-day passport to the palace of Versailles which will help avoid line ups at the entrances. The Versailles- Rive Gauche station is within a 10 minute walk of the Chateau. The palace is not only a famous building, but it is a symbol of the absolute monarchy of the Ancient Regime.

Dinner will be a sandwich packed previously and eaten in the train ride back to Paris

The couple will go back to the hotel to get ready for their final day of their honeymoon.

Day 7 May 13th

Enjoy complimentary breakfast at hotel
The couple will wake up at 6:00am and pack everything to get ready for departure.
The couple will get ready to depart at 7:00am to take a day trip to Champagne

>Psycho Centric Activity: The couple will visit world famous Champagne houses like Nicolas Feuillatte and Mumm and tour the city of Reims, the capital of Champagne region. During morning, they will visit the Nicolas Feuillatte and get a detailed lesson on how to blend, mix champagne which includes free sample tastes. During the afternoon, the couple will take a short visit of the cathedral where the kings of France were crowned.

The couple will come back to Paris by 7pm and check out of their hotel.

They will arrive to the airport by approximately 8pm and get ready for their flight at 9:20pm.