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You Must See it, to Believe it

"The city with the best life quality"

Zurich Skyline
Zurich Skyline


Zurich, Switzerland
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Part A: The Essential Guide to the Nation

Zurich (modern Zürich dialect) is the largest city in Switzerland. The city is Switzerland's main commercial and cultural centre and sometimes called the Cultural Capital of Switzerland. Zürich can be counted as one of the world's distinguished global cities. Zürich was named “the city with the best quality of life” in the world as well as the wealthiest city in Europe. It is the third most expensive city in Europe and second most expensive city in Switzerland. Zurich has a population of 370,000. Zürich was founded as a Roman customs post called Turicum ,in the year 15 B.C. From the 10th century, it enjoyed the status of a town, and in 1218 was given the rights of a free city.

Switzerland Map (with Zurich being the Cultural Capital)
Switzerland Map (with Zurich being the Cultural Capital)

Zurich: Zurich is located at a latitude of 47°22’46 north and a longitude of 8°33’4’ east (old observatory in Zurich) at 409 meters above sea level. It lies at the end of Lake Zurich, which is 27 km long and up to 4 km wide. Zurich is situated in an open valley, which extends from the south-east to the north west. The valley is bordered on the west by the ‘Uetliberg’ mountain (871 m) and on the east by the ‘Zurichberg’ mountain (676 m) and the ‘Käfer-berg‘ mountain (578 m). Zurich has two rivers, the ‘Limmat’ which flows out of Lake Zurich and the ‘Sihl’ which flows into the Limmat below the main train station. Click Here to See a full Map of Zurich City.

Switzerland: Switzerland hosts many lakes, from the large Lake Geneva to hundreds of tiny little lakes in the mountains. There are also many dammed-up lakes, mainly to drive water turbines of power plants.Switzerland hosts about 20% of the Alps. Approximately 100 peaks are close to or higher than 4000 meters (13125 feet) above sea level. Many mountain areas are developed, there are trains, cog railways, aerial cable cars and other means of transportation. Swiss mountains are famous for climbing, skiing, snowboarding, biking, hiking and other recreational activities.

Neighboring Nations:
Italy, Germany, Austria, France, and Liechtenstein.

Zurich: Humid continental climate: Summers are warm with average high temperatures of 21–24 °C (70–75 °F) and lows of 10–12 °C (50–54 °F), while winters are cold with average temperatures range from -4 to 5 °C (25 to 41 °F). Spring and autumn are generally cool to mild. Temperatures do sometimes exceed 25 °C (77 °F) during the summer.
Switzerland: Spring is wet and cool, April is well known for fast and often changing weather conditions. Summer is supposed to be warm and dry with maximum temperature up to 35°C (95°F). Fall is usually dry, but cool. The temperature will drop significantly in September or October, with the zero line around 2000 meter above sea level (6560 feet). Winter is supposed to be cold and dry. The temperature may drop below 0°C everywhere in Switzerland, especially at night.

Zurich:The population of Zurich is 370,000
Switzerland: The population of Switzerland is 7,630,605

Official Language:
Zurich:The official language used by the government and in most publications is German, while the most commonly spoken dialect in Zürich is Zurich German.
Switzerland: The four national languages of Switzerland are German, French, Italian, and Romansh.

Zurich: According to the survey made in 2000, other than the original Swiss people, the Germans comprise 77.7% of the city population. The remaining ethnic groups comprise of Albanians (5.8%), Italians (4.7%), South Slavic Groups (2.2%).
Switzerland: German 65%, French 18%, Italian 10%, Romansch 1%, other 6%

Zurich:Catholics make up the largest religion group in the city. An increasing number of residents, about 16.8% of the population in 2000, declared themselves as being without religion.
Switzerland:Christianity(41.8% of the population) Protestant (35.3%) Islam (4.3%) and Eastern Orthodoxy (1.8%)


1.00 CAD


1.04280 CHF

Canada Dollar

Switzerland Francs
*This Rate is Changeable
Zurich, with its banks, insurance companies, machine industry, tourism and trade is Switzerland’s most important business center. 77% of the employees work in the services sector. Zurich is also home to over a hundred foreign banks from all over the world.

Part B: The Essential Guide to the City

Travel Tips:
_Internet Access is Right in the Central Train StationYou´ll find a cybercafe right in the train station. 10 minutes will cost you 2.5 Swiss Francs. You get three print outs free for each ten minutes you´re online.
_Eat A Lot! Smorgashboard at the Train Station And you can get it cheaper on Monday nights, when the tariff goes down to 42 Swiss Francs.
_ Eat Well - Restaurant Barometer At Glockengasse 15 has innovative French Cuisine. Dinner with great appetisers and a bottle of good wine will run you a steep 100 bucks, but in Zurich, that´s a good deal.
_Get to your hotel from the airport - Take the TrainFrom the airport the train takes you to the center of town quickly and easily.
_ Watch out for pickpockets at the main station (Hauptbahnhof).
_Tap water is of very good quality: it is possible to drink it without second thoughts.
_In case medical treatment is needed go to the "Permanence" at the main station (Hauptbahnhof)
Sechseläuten, Zurich's Spring Festival taking place on the third Monday of April
Sechseläuten, Zurich's Spring Festival taking place on the third Monday of April

Cultural Events:
The most traditional events on the Zurich calendar are Sechseläuten, Zurich’s Spring Festival, on the third Monday of April, and Knabenschiessen, over the 1st weekend of September. Sechselauten involves guild members parading in historic costumes and the Böögg (a mock snowman filled with fireworks) being burned to symbolize the end of winter, while the knabenschiessen festival is a folk festival featuring shooting contest for boys, complete with a market, funfair and concerts. The Zurcher Festspiele takes place from mid June to mid July, with opera, ballet, theatre and concerts at stages around the city. During the Zuri-Fascht every 3rd year, the city of Zurich is transformed into a gigantic festival site, with the celebrations culminating in an impressive fireworks display over Lake Zurich. The next festival takes place 6 to 8 July 2007.
Music:The Opernhaus Zürich, Falkenstrasse
Theatre:The Schauspielhaus Zürich, Rämistrasse
Clothing:Fashion is at its highs in Zurich, since all famous brands have shops opened at the shopping centers and streets of Zurich. This makes Zurich a place to visit for shopping, but keep in mind that prices are fairly high.
Dance: Zurich’s ballet company, the Zürcher Balletts, performs at the Opernhaus, Falkenstrasse
Film: Films shown in Zurich are almost always in the original language with subtitles
Food: There are different variety of food available in zurich, both local and international food chains. These are only a few local foods of Zurich/Swiss.

Filets de perche
Filets de perche
Main Dish: Birchermusli----Gerstensuppe----Minestrone----Bundner Trockenfleisch----Kaseschnitten-----Fonde and Fonde Sauce-----Zurcher Geschnetzeltes-----Gitzlichuechli-----Alplermagrone-----Bernerplatte-----Papet Vaudios-----Filets de perche
Desserts -Engadiner Nusstorte-----Zuger Kirschentorte------Chocolate Dessert

Williamine Pear Brandy -pear is preserved inside the brandy
Williamine Pear Brandy -pear is preserved inside the brandy

Non- Alcoholic Drinks
-Rivella (made with whey)------Valser (mineral water)-----Caotina (a chocolate drink)
-Bottled Beer from Chur-----Canned Larger------Bottled Beer form Basel
White Wine
-Swiss Blanc from Rheinau Abbey----Pinot Gris from Neuchatel-----Fendant, a Chasselas from Valais-----Mont-sur-Rolle Grand Cru de La Cote
Red Wine
-Wine from the Geneva region----Merlot from Ticino----Pinot from Zurich-----Dole from the Sion region
Spirits and Liqueurs
-Williamine Pear Brandy-----Grundbacher plum spirit-----Grappa from Ticino------Apple Spirit from Zug

Zürich, like most cities in Switzerland, is relatively safe. Nevertheless, be on guard for thieves and pickpockets. Carry your wallet or purse in a secure way, not in your hip pocket or a backpack outer pocket. Public Transportation is very safe. You can use it without any special precautions.

Shopping Places:
Bahnhofstrasse, the most famous Street and one of the most expensive streets in the world. It helds within it many different and famous brands of clothing watches, etc.... Our couple will get around $2500 to spend on shopping. It could be spent  on this street to buy ONE item (example 1 watch) or around the city to buy souvineers.
Bahnhofstrasse, the most famous Street and one of the most expensive streets in the world. It helds within it many different and famous brands of clothing watches, etc.... Our couple will get around $2500 to spend on shopping. It could be spent on this street to buy ONE item (example 1 watch) or around the city to buy souvineers.

This famous pedestrian street offers the best in world-class shopping opportunities and is also home to some of the world's most important banks.
Old Town (Altstadt)
Old Town (Altstadt)

Old Twon (Aktstadt):
The Old Town, on the Limmat River, with its winding alleys, medieval houses, and a host of other old world charms, is an excellent starting point for exploring this historic city on foot.
This well-known store specializes in glitzy watches and jewelry

Time Tunnel:
This unique clothing store sells vintage designs from the 1960s and 1970s.

Swiss Clocks and Watches:

Don’t purchase a "Migros Budget" clock for 8CHF thinking it is a Swiss clock! Because this clock has been bought from china. That’s why it’s
Rolex Watch, One of the many good quality Watches made in Swiss
Rolex Watch, One of the many good quality Watches made in Swiss
cheap! Nevertheless, real Swiss-made clocks are still well-known for their quality and reliability, and intricate mechanics. The following are true Swiss-made watches:

*Swatch, possibly your best bet for a "cheap" Swiss watch (40-100CHF) and perhaps better suited for the younger generation. Available in their stores on Bahnhofstrasse and various other locations, or in department stores.
*M-Watch,based on both Mondaine and Migros and available in Migros Electronics stores such as the one on the 2nd floor of the Lowenplatz location. Also relatively inexpensive (40-100CHF). Do not confuse this with "M-Budget" which is an imported cheap watch.
*Mondaine is known for their use of the famous SBB railway clock face. You can buy a replica of the SBB clock as a watch or a wall clock in most major railway stations, among other locations. However, you should note that most of them do not replicate the hallmark smooth movement of the second hand for 58.5 seconds followed by the 1.5 second pause that is characteristic of real SBB railway clocks, but they do replicate the clock face. They are quartz, and the price may seem a little inflated to you (130-180CHF). The vast majority of SBB railway clocks are actually produced by Mobatime (Moser-Baer AG), not Mondaine, even though Mondaine's name appears on some of the larger clocks such as the Treffpunkt in Zurich HB. Mondaine's wall and desk clocks, however, are only of "Swiss design" and are manufactured in China and Taiwan.

Swiss Chocolate:

Swiss Chocolate
Swiss Chocolate


  • Frey is the number one in the Swiss Chocolate market and is mainly sold in Migros and Denner supermarkets. It is offering a premium quality for a customer friendly price. Having a market share of more than 45% it well established in the market.
  • Lindt is available at the Coop and other supermarkets besides Migros for 2-2.50CHF, but Lindt chocolates are also sold at the factory store, a 15-minute walk from the Kilchberg S-Bahn stop. The factory store prices are somewhat lower than supermarket prices (on the order of 10-20%), but there are some sale items, including factory rejects (for underweight chocolates, improper packaging, or filling showing through) that are sold for roughly half-price. If Germany is on your itinerary you can also stop at the Lindt factory store in Aachen which is huge.

Honeymoon Itinerary

The Couple will Get to Toronto Airport on March 8th, but the actual 7 days starts from March 9th, 2010, when they land in Zurich, Switzerland. The text in Grey are information regarding the places they visit.

*Note: Remember to have along your Visa Card plus 20 Francs in cash (bill & coin)

*Note: Have along a map of Zurich plus a hand book on how to speak in German.

*Note: Visa can be used for purchases.

*Note: Pricing for the whole trip is uploaded at the bottom of this page. All the pricing written in the itinerary are in CAD dollar.

March 8th, 2010

08:12 am- Ariive at Toronto Pearson Airpot
10:12 am -Flight will take off
11:38am -Plane lands in Dulles International Airport, Washington
There will be a 7 hour stop in Washington, in which you can either rest or wonder around the airport.
6:11 pm - The flight to Zurich leaves from DIA, Washington.

March 9th, 2010
Day 1
8:10 am -The Plane Lands in Zurich Airport (ZRH) Break fast has been served in the plane.
8:45 am -After gathering bags and luggage go to Arrival 1, where a taxi, (named: 0444444444) is waiting for you (It has been booked in advanced). Amount of $39.9 or 41.8 Francs is required which can be paid with Visa. Ask the driver for “Central Plaza Hotel
You will arrive at the Hotel at approximately 9:20am.

Central Plaza Hotel (The view of the hotel the couple will be staying at)
Central Plaza Hotel (The view of the hotel the couple will be staying at)
Central Plaza Hotel (address: Central 1, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland) was chosen among the many different available hotels for its stylish and cozy rooms, overlooking the beautiful Limmat River. The room includes air conditioning /heating, speaker and modem connection, en-suite bathroom with bath and accompanying amenities, wireless LAN, radio, pay-TV on request, satellite television with over 247 channels and mini bar. It was also chosen for its situation, which is the most centrally located hotel in Zurich. If you step outside you will be in the heart of Zurich with the world famous Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich’s most popular shopping street, major banks, renowned museums and art galleries, within a walking distance.

9:25 am -You will sign in (the front desk is 24hr) and helped up to your room.
9:25 am to 12:00pm -You will then rest for 3 hours in your room.

Your journey in Zurich has begun!

12:00 pm - Leave the hotel for Swiss Chuchi Restaurant. It takes about 7 minutes to get to Chuchi Restaurant. (Walking)
14:00 pm - Leave the restaurant to visit Church of Our Lady (Local Name: Farumuster Kirche) It takes you about 8 minutes to get there.
Fraumünster (Church of Our Lady)
Fraumünster (Church of Our Lady)

Of all the church spires that pierce Zürich’s skyline, the slender, blue spire of Fraumünster (Minster of Our Lady) is the most graceful. Church of Our Lady lays on the south side of Zurich's Münsterhof square (restored 1965), a three-aisled pillared basilica with a Gothic nave, an Early Gothic transept and apointed spire. The small Fraumünster is recognizable by it’s an elegant clocktower topped with a slender blue spire. It stands on the left bank overlooking the lovely Münsterhof square, which was once a pig market. A splendid view of the church can be had from the tower of the Grossmünster across the Münsterbrücke.

15:00pm - You will leave the Church of Our Lady for St Peter’s Church. It takes you about 5 minutes to get there.
16:00pm – You will leave St Peter’s Church. On your way back to the hotel, you will be exploring your hotel area to see and get a feeling of Swiss life style. Wondering around you will see the many different shops and stores, cars and people.
17:30pm - You arrive at your hotel. Rest at your hotel room for a while.
Zeughauskeller Restaurant
Zeughauskeller Restaurant

20:30pm - You will leave your hotel for Zeughauskeller Restaurant. It will take you about 12 minutes to get there.
22:00pm - You will leave the restaurant for your hotel. It will take you about 12 minutes to get there. The rest of the night is free for you to rest and be fresh for the next morning.

March 10th, 2010Day 2
8:15am -Wake up. Enjoy your breakfast in the hotel.
Wear Warm clothes because today is the day to enjoy the mountains and snow of Switzerland.
9:00 am -Leave the Hotel and walk for 5 minutes toward the Zurich HB (you can use your map as a guide)
9:05am -Arrive at the Train Station; there you will need to buy the Day Pass-All Zones for $58.60 for two passengers.
From there take IR train to Ziegelbrücke, then the R train to Flumserberg Unterterzen. (This is where you will be skiing for the morning.)
10:16 am - You arrive at the Flumbserberg Unterterzen
Flumserberg Map of differetn ski routs/pists. In this Trip to the Flumserberg Ski Resort the couple will get an 1 hour Ski or Snowboarding Lesson. This is Allocentric.(Also Switzerland is well known for sking, why not let them try it?)
Flumserberg Map of differetn ski routs/pists. In this Trip to the Flumserberg Ski Resort the couple will get an 1 hour Ski or Snowboarding Lesson. This is Allocentric.(Also Switzerland is well known for sking, why not let them try it?)

Flumserberg is between Chur and Zurich and can easily be reached by car or by train. Train connections from Zurich Airport make Flumserberg a perfect holiday destination for tourists from a foreign country.Get your train ticket to Unterterzen and tehre just enter the gondola to Flumserberg.The biggest winter sport resort in the Eastern Part of Switzerland is waiting for you with top quality piste runs for all levels.
In Flumserberg you can not only relax and enjoy beautiful winter landscapes but also get some surge of adrenalin while exploring our slopes by skiing, snowboarding or tobogganing. Beautiful winter hiking and snow shoeing can be enjoyed or how about a ride on the dog sled? The 16 mountain railways and snow making facilities guaranty thorough snow fun! You hardly ever have waiting time. Snow bars and ski huts create a relaxed and sociable atmosphere combined with fun. The well prepared pistes go up to 2222 meters above sea level.

10:30 am to 11:30am -When you are there, you will buy two passes for $172.50 and equipment for $57.40. Your pass includes a 1 hour private lesson for ski or skateboarding from a private instructor.
11:30 pm -After you lesson and fun ski time, you will return the equipment. After enjoying the beautiful landscape you will head down to the Train Station and take the same root back to your hotel. It will take you approximately 1 hour.
12:45pm -You are in your hotel; you go change and rest for 15 minutes before lunch.
Peter Mann's Kunststuben Restaurant
Peter Mann's Kunststuben Restaurant
13:15pm – You will again arrive at the Train Station, From there take the S16, get off at Küsnacht ZH, and walk for 6minute to Peter Mann's Kunststuben Restaurant. ‘Reservations have been made’

Peter Mann's Kunststuben is an exclusive restaurant. This establishment is one of the best restaurants in Switzerland. An upscale clientele dines at this cozy setting. A rustic, wood-burning stove blazes in the dining room, which usually accommodates 45 guests. A highly trained staff serves specialty dishes such as roasted duck, stuffed squid and hen with shrimp. Try the fine Swiss chocolate truffles for dessert.

14:30pm – From the restaurant walk to the Kusnacht for 6 minutes. At the Cummuter Train Station take the S16 for 1 hour.
15:45pm -Get off at Neuhausen Station. Walk for 9 minutes and you have arrived at Rhine Falls.

Rhine Falls.  Being the Largest  Falls in Europe it must be amazing watching the water fall. The couple will surely compare the largest standard for falls in Europe and the largest fall in the world, Niagra Falls.
Rhine Falls. Being the Largest Falls in Europe it must be amazing watching the water fall. The couple will surely compare the largest standard for falls in Europe and the largest fall in the world, Niagra Falls.

Rhine Falls are known to be the largest fall in Europe, it offer a stunning showpiece to all its visitors. At 23 meters high and 150 meters wide and with standard flow of 700 cubic meters of water per second, the huge waterfall attracts many tourists due to its spectacular sight. One can feel the immense power of the speeding water by taking a boat ride into the basin. A boat ride either across the river below the fall, or to the famous rock in the middle of the fall, or down the Rhine River are the most exciting of experiences. Beginning from the castle named ‘Schloss Laufen’, a trail leads downwards beside the gushing water and allows the visitors to have an awesome experience. The pleasure of watching the powerful force of huge water mass thundering down and causing a mist risehigh is simply wonderful.

17:00pm- After much wonderings around the beautiful Rhine Falls it is time to head to the 0815 restaurant for dinner. Walk to the Neuhausen for 8 minutes. Then at the Commuter Train Station take the S16 for 1 hour. ‘
18:00pm – Get off at Zurich HB. Then transfer to the Bahnhofquai, and from there after to minutes arrive at Bahnhofstrasse, from there walk for 1 minute to the 0815 restaurant.

According to the dictionary, 0815 indicates unimaginativeness-Which certainly doesn't apply to the 0815 bar.In the morning you can get a croissant and a coffee to wake you up. At lunchtime you can have something more substantial. In the evening awesome sounds by the hottest DJ's.

19:30pm –Leave the restaurant toward your hotel. Take the Bahnhofplatz bus to the direction of Hegibachplatz to Central. For 2 minutes. And then walk for 1 minute to your hotel.
19:45pm –Wonder around the hotel for a bit and go up to your room. Watch Television and surf though the different channels. Watch Movies drink Beverages.
12:00am – Get to bed and get some rest. Get refreshed for tomorrow’s activities.

March 11th, 2010
Day 3
8:30- You will get up.
9:30- Be in the restaurant of the hotel to have your breakfast.
11:00- You will leave the hotel for Zoological Garden of Zurich. Walk to ETH/Universitätsspital, go to the tram station and buy a daily pass (58.60S) and then get on the tram number 6 and you will get to the zoo in 20-25 minutes.
Zurich Zoological Garden
Zurich Zoological Garden

One of the best-known zoos in Europe, Zurich's Zoological Garden contains some 2,200 animals of about 260 species. It also has an aquarium and an open-air aviary. You can visit the Africa house, the ape house, and the terrariums, along with the elephant house and the giant-tortoise house.
There are special enclosures for red pandas, otters, and snow leopards, and a house for clouded leopards, tigers, Amur leopards, and Indian lions.

*Note: wear warm clothes.
14:00- You will leave the zoo for your hotel.
14:30-You will leave the hotel for the restaurant Alden. Walk to the tram station, get on the tram number 7, you will arrive at Tunnelstrasse in 9 minutes, then walk to Splügenstrasse and you get to Alden.

You will each be given $100 to spend on your meal.

15:45- you will leave the restaurant for the Toy Museum of Zurich. The entry is free. Walk to the Tunnelstrasse, get on the tram number 13, you will arrive to Rennweg in 8 minutes and then walk to Fortunagasse 15.
Zurich Toy Museum. This is a fun place to visit. You might think there is an age limit for this stuff, but no every once in a while a person should embrace his/her inner self.
Zurich Toy Museum. This is a fun place to visit. You might think there is an age limit for this stuff, but no every once in a while a person should embrace his/her inner self.

Housed in one of the oldest corners of the old town, this beautiful collection of European toys from the 18th to the beginning of the 20th century reflects the life of the respective periods in miniature. Railways and steam engines bear witness to the technical revolution, dolls and their dresses illustrate fashion trends and doll houses mirror the interiors of times now long past. Tin figures, old games, wooden toys, toy kitchens, all can be found here.

17:00- You will leave the museum for the hotel. Walk to Rennweg, get on the tram number 7 which will take you directly to Central 1.
17:10- You will be in the hotel. You can either go to the hotel’s gym or rest for the next 1:20 minutes.
18:30- You will leave the hotel for Bürkliplatz in order to get on a cruise on the Zurich’s lake. The cost of ticket per person is 15$. You will walk to Bürkliplatz and it will almost take you 16 minutes.


19:00- You will get on the cruise.
20:00- Dinner will be served on the boat. You each are provided 100$ to spend on your meal.
21:00- You will get back to the hotel.
21:15- You go to the hotel’s lounge in order to have a little drink and relax. You each will be given S30 to spend on drinks.
22:20- You will be at you room.
22:30-You will be getting ready to go to sleep.

March 12th, 2010
Day 4

7:30am -Wake up time. (Today is the day to see Zurich in a very different way.)
8:00am -Eat break fast at hotel
Buy lunch from the hotel’s Restaurant for the day. Then walk to the Central Tram Station and buy the Day Pass-All Zones for $58.60 for two passengers.
From there take the Werdholzli direction to Sihlquai/HB. Get off at Sihlquai Bus Station. Here you will meet with your tour-buddies and tour guide (this is a prearranged tour)
8:30am - Departure Point of the tour is at ZURICH Sihlquai Bus Terminal

Tour’s General Information
Alpine Tour
Alpine Tour

Venture aboard an unforgettable Alpine tour to the majestic world of the Jungfraujoch - Towering at 11,333 feet (3,454 meters) you're officially at the top of Europe! Your guided full day coach tour from Zurich takes you to the magnificent mountain world of the Bernese Oberland. Ride the cogwheel train from Lauterbrunnen via Kleine Scheidegg to Jungfraujoch, Europe's highest railway station. Enjoy the incredible world of eternal snow and ice. Visit the Ice Palace, experience the breathtaking panorama view from the Sphinx Observation Terrace overlooking the Aletsch Glacier (Europe's longest glacier) and the snow-capped peaks of the neighboring countries. The down hill mountain trip takes us to Grindelwald where our coach awaits us.
Tour Highlights
  • Scenic, guided drive through Switzerland's magnificent Alpine regions
  • Cogwheel railway journey from Lauterbrunnen via Kleine Scheidegg to Jungfraujoch
  • Visit Europe's highest railway station
  • Visit the Ice Palace and Sphinx Observation Terrace
  • No Food and drinks will be provided
Price: $374.70 / 2person

Restaurant ‘Schipfe
Restaurant ‘Schipfe

20:00pm -Returns to original departure point (ZURICH Sihlquai Bus Terminal)
20:30pm -From the Sihlquai Bus Terminal go to Rathaus Station (direction of Bahnhof Tiefenbrunnen) then walk for 3 minute to the Schipfe 16 Restaurant.

21:45pm- Head back to the hotel. Walk to the Rathaus Tram. Take the Escher-Wyss-Platz direction tram toward Central. Then walk to the hotel for 1 minute.Rest in your room for 1hour.

March 13th, 2010
Day 5

12:00- You will go to the Body flying which will cost $96 per person.
Walk to Zurich HB, get on train 2, after 13 minutes you wil arive at Rumlang, then walk to 8153 Rumlang. 12:40- You will arrive at Rumlang, and will be getting ready to enjoy this great adventure.
Body Flying-Airodium
Body Flying-Airodium
You do not need any knowledge. Professional instructors prepare you carefully for your first flight. You will receive the special Bodyflying outfit (flying suit, helmet, goggles, gloves). Your instructor is at the same time your co-pilot, he will assist you during all your flight manoeuvers.

12:40- You will arrive at Rumlang, and will be getting ready to enjoy this great adventure. 14:00pm- Walk to Rumlang for 11 minutes, then get on a commuter train (S5), after 14 minutes you will arrive at Zurich HB then you have to walk to Limmatstrase for 6 minutes. You have arrived at the Rietberg Museum
Some of te great collections present at Rietberg.
Some of te great collections present at Rietberg.
The program museum of Switzerland is the Landesmuseum, the arts and culture facility is one of the most vital in the country and indeed, Europe as well. Take your time in this notable Zurich gem.
15:00pm - It's tiem for lunch, Walk to the Bahnhofquai/HB for 2 minutes, from there take the Tram and get off at Bahnhofplatz/HB. There is the Laomai Cuisine
16:00pm – Take the bus from Bahnhofplatz/HB and get off at Neumarkt, From The walk to Fraumunster.
A vital city symbol, the Fraumünster dominates the Zurich skyline. The abbey of the same name dates back to the year 853, incredibly, and the church contains some impressive stained glass design work by none other than Marc Chagall.
17:00pm- From there walk to Kunthaus for 8 minutes, to see the significant art museum.
Kunsthaus Zurich has been one of the most significant art museums in Switzerland and Europe.The collection of mostly Swiss-centric art is as impressive as the historic edifice itself, one of the most recognizable in the city.
18:00pm- To conclude the great tour of some of the greatest places in zurich, why not see one of the most expensive streets in the world, the Bahnhofstrasse. You can also shop if you have the luck of some sells hitting the stores. For this Purpose walk to Bellevue for 6 minutes then take the tram toward Paradeplatz. From there start walking the Bahnhofstrasse Street, until its end.
20:00pm- After hours of wondering in the Bathnhofstrasse Street it is time to get back to the hotel walking for 12 minutes.
20:00pm –When in hotel, you will get a small snack at the hotel’s restaurant and then go to your room to rest for 2 hours.
22:30pm –Wake up and go down to the hotel’s restaurant for dinner and then to the café for coffee.
1:00am - Go to your room and sleep

March 14th, 2010

Day 6

09:30- You will get up
10:30- You will be at hotel’s restaurant to have breakfast.
11:30-You will return to your room and get ready for a 2 hour Trolley Tour through out the city. The Trolley tour costs $40 per person.
11:40: You will leave the hotel for Sihlquai bus station. It will take you about 3 minutes to get there. It will cost $58 per 2 people.

In two hours you will be taken through our beautiful city and shown the business and financial center, Bahnhofstrasse, the most important museums, a section of the Old Town, Fraumunster Church with its famous Chagall windows, historical Limmatquai, the University district, residential areas, beautiful hillside villas on the Zurichberg, as well as recreation areas and views of the Alps from Zurich's vantage point on the lake.

14:00- The trolley will return to for Sihlquai bus station.
14:10-You will head to the Shopville. It is a shopping mall. It will get you about 1 minute to get there.
15:30-You will have a small lunch at the food court of the shopping mall.
You each will be provided with $60 to spend on your meal.

17:00- You will return to your hotel. It will take you about 5 minutes. Head east on Bahnhofplatz, Continue onto Bahnhofbrücke, Continue onto Central
Central Plaza Hotel's Bar
Central Plaza Hotel's Bar

17:05- You will be at hotel. You can rest for 40 minutes.
17:45- You will go for a walk around the area.
18:30- You will go to hotel’s café to have snack.
19:30- You will return to your room and starting to get ready.
20:00- You will leave the hotel for Widder Hotel Piano Bar. It will get you about 7minutes to get there. Get on tram number 15, after arriving at Rathaus, walk to to Rennweg 7.

20:30- You will also have you dinner there.
You each will be provided with $150 to spend on your meals and drinks.
22:30- You will leave the bar for you hotel.
22:40-You will be at your room, starting to pack your things up.
23:30 you will go to sleep to get up early next day.

March 15th, 2010
Day 7
7:00- You will get up
7:30- You will be at the hotel’s restaurant to eat breakfast.
8:15- You have be at your room and finish packing up your stuff.
9:00-You will leave the hotel to the airport. A taxi is waiting for you in front of the hotel; you have to have $ 40-50 in order to pay the taxi.
9:20- You will arrive at the airport.
9:30- You will check in luggage.

10:55-Your flight will depart from the airport.
Zurich Airport
Zurich Airport

15:33- You will arrive to Washington.

You will have an eight-hour stop at Washington’s airport. You can either rest, eat, shop or take a walk in the airport. You will each be given $150 to spend in the airport.

22:01- Your flight will depart from Washington to Toronto.

"We hope you have/had a Wonderful Honey Moon"

Final Remarks4 Visual Citation:
Zurich Toy Museum

This chart shows the expenses for the seven day trip to Zurich, Switzerland. The Prices were precisely gathered from reliable/official Zurich websites and are given in both Swiss Franc and Canadian Dollar.

P.S. We were suppose to have a website for this Honeymoon itinerary, but because of the "Technology at its best" statement, it all got erased. But here is a piece of art done by Yasaman...
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By: Yasaman Kh., Ghazal K. & Donya D..